Legal Practitioner
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by Antonius Tommy Ompu Sunggu - 11/14/2016, 05:54

Legal Practitioner

  • You are accused of a serious crime and facing a death penalty and must choose between two lawyers : one extremely gifted, very friendly but dishonest; the other less skilled, not so friendly but very honest. Who would you pick? Why?



I choose the lawyer number two (2), although they are less skilled, not so friendly, but the most important thing they are very honest in providing legal services to me as client.

For me, a honest lawyer is lawyer who has high integrity. Its mean certainly that lawyer will be defend the client very good. Honesty lawyer make their clients comfortable, and make the client feel respected.

Where there is a will there is a way, so basically the skill of lawyer could be honed but honest couldn’t be honed. Honestly, reflect that the lawyer be transparent to clients. For example, there is no bad faith in determining lawyer cost, operational fee, and the others fee related to the case. While the dishonest lawyer certainly will only stole the client’s money and may be put the client to the second priority. Quoting from the opinion of former chairman of high court Semarang (Mr. Soegiarto), that lawyers in providing legal services to client must be honest. Thus, the lawyers will fell safe and secure in facing of any kind extreme or light cases.
According to Dictionary of Law, the definition of honest is not lying or cheating. For me, honest is the key to be a succesfull lawyer. As a lawyer Mr. Hotman Paris Hutapea said that never betray a client for money and be a loyal person, it is made him trusted by top conglomerate. No matter how great you are, how high your position and how much money do you have, if you are dishonest person it wouldn’t be a benefit.

In the end, if you want to be trusted by clients be a honest lawyer.


  • Would you rather be very successful professionally with only a tolerable private life, or have a great private life but uninspiring professional one ?




I would rather be very successful professionally with only a tolerable private life, cause i have a great private life already. As long as I’m happy at work, I really prefer a tolerable private life. My family would be pride if i were very success professionally and I believe my family would understand with my activities.

I just can’t see myself having an great private life when i know that I’m real down low at my job. I just don’t feel respecting myself for that. For me, success usually means had more money and that provides the means spice up the private life after the career is long gone.
Its hard to have a great private life if you’re successful professionally. The success usually comes at the price of your private life.

I want to be remembered and nobody is remembered as having had great life, We remember people like bill gates, steve jobs and barrack obama were because of their professional success not because of their private live.

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So for you, honesty is important? But it will raise the possibility that you will lost the case
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